5 Most Reliable Mobile Apps To Get News Updates

Most important use of Android apps is to get all the latest news and more importantly correct news. For this purpose, you are just needed to have appropriate application on your Android device. You are provided with a large range of choice for this purpose in the Android market. Mostly, all the big news channels have their free application provided to the users. One thing you also have to keep up in mind is that whether you are interested in the local news or not. These local news apps are also available with varying qualities. Here are some most popular and reliable news applications:

1.    Pulse News: Pulse News is the most popular and frequently used news apps, which is loved by several news readers globally. With the help of this app, you will be able to scroll news feeds and you can browse news of your interest. This app will show you wonderful display with text and pictures while you are searching for any topic. It covers some relevant topics like politics, art, entertainment, sports, science, fashion, and music. Google RSS reader is another interesting feature of Pulse News. This is a completely free of cost app that will also enables you to share topics or stories on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media.

2.    NewsRob: This is another app for news updates with several new features. This app has in-built capacity to sync faster as compared to any other news feed readers. It is also equipped with RSS feed to update users with latest news. NewsRob supports a number of features such as sharing, sorting, and starring any news item with your closed ones. This app has a two way background sync that enables the users to get latest news feeds by just opening the app. You can read articles with just one tap and can download partial or full feeds with the help of NewsRob.

3.    BuzzBox: This is another app for news updates for the Android users. This is known as a user friendly app that enables you to find several feed easily with beautiful user interface. You can download this app for free and can use it for multiple feeds that catch your interest. You just have to type any keyword on the search box for searching any news of your liking.

4.    Google Reader: This is another popular news feeds app for all the Android users. It is a very useful app for news updates, and is very effective and simple. With the help of this user friendly app, you can browse and mark stories of your interest and can share them on social network like Facebook, Twitter etc. This is completely free app for all the Android users.

YourVersion is free news feed app that can offer you latest news, videos, tweets, and feeds through manual Google search. It is a faster means of getting connected to latest news or information around the world. It will also allow you to share its items on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook….More at 5 Most Reliable Mobile Apps to get News Updates | Modern Dignity


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