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The origins of Smartphones have not only transformed the mobile market but also the way we live, work, play and enjoy. As Smartphones are feature-rich mobile with abundant features like instant messaging and e-mails, access to the internet, directions via GPS and many more, they continue to grow in popularity and customer satisfaction. Nowadays, people prefer to buy Smartphones, despite the higher cost for handsets and services.

As the popularity of Smartphones like the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android increases, so does the demand for new Smartphone applications from innovative Smartphone application developers. Smartphone app development has merged creativity and technology with serious business and no wonder why there is a worldwide craze for Smartphone applications.

Here are some useful tips for Smartphone application developers that will be helpful for them to create attractive and useful Smartphone application designs.

While starting with Smartphone app development the first thing to decide is operating system. As a Smartphone application developer, you must choose the operating system wisely so that you can excel in your designing career. The popular operating systems include Android, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry OS.

Most of the application developers use HTML5 because it’s simple and easy to use and can be commonly used across all platforms and devices. It’s advisable that if you are a Smartphone application developer you must also use the same for your Smartphone application designs.

A large number of images are used in designing Smartphone apps and once an image has been used, it cannot be reused so it’s important for you to make sure that you have a lot of images for each and every platform that you will be targeting for your app.

Once your app is created, you must have the right marketing and promotion plan for it so that you can advertise in the right manner before it is launched in the app stores….More at Useful Tips for Smartphone application developers | Software

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